Benefits Of Parking Ticket Machine

In today’s world, we all are familiar with parking ticket machines found in car parks. These machines serve as a tool for revenue generation and enforcement, ensuring that motorists do not abuse car parks and only park when necessary. These machines are imperative for providing a positive parking experience to your customers.

You might think that the revenue generated by parking machines is the only benefit to having them installed in your car park. This article will discuss all the different benefits that parking ticket machines provide you if you install them in your car park.

Parking spaces are kept free for customers

By introducing a small hourly fee for parking in your car park, you can decrease parking abuse significantly as parking ticket machines deter non-paying abusers of the parking facility. Customers will always take more time to shop for the same items if the parking session is completely free. Without a system like this, motorists would leave their cars for extended periods. A smart parking ticketing system will help you track the levels within the car park, saving time and reducing the risk of parking abuse.

Revenue Generation

Needless to say, a parking ticket machine in a car park is an excellent way of creating revenue. By pairing these machines with technology such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition(ANPR), you can track and monitor car park use, ensuring that you are boosting revenue without the help of an on-site enforcement patrol or manager.


Better Use of Parking Space

There are times when many slots in your car park remain empty since people remain unaware of the idle spaces, or there would be people abusing your car park, leaving their cars for extended periods. A parking ticket machine helps you know if a slot can be used or not with real-time information, ensuring that your car park is being used efficiently.


Cleaner Environment

More motorists driving to find a parking space results in more emission of Carbon dioxide from the cars, which is the main contributor to greenhouse gases. Therefore, with the help of a parking ticket machine, you will decrease individual environmental footprints and reduce emissions by up to 30%.



Commuters are often charged with an incorrect parking fee, but thanks to the parking ticket machine that gives accurate details on the fee; so, there are no chances of motorists being charged more than they should. Also, real-time management capability will help you generate more revenue.

Broad Range of Payment Options

One of the key benefits of parking ticket machines (Pay and Display machines or Pay and Display Meters) is the broad range of payment options. More and more people are now going cashless, hence having digital payment options ensures that your customers can park and pay with much ease. You can pay by coins, notes, credit/debit card chip & pin, contactless, Apple Pay, by calling a number, by using a website, or by using an app. We also have options to pay with vouchers or create free parking sessions for staff or contractors.



Data collected by parking management systems show patterns in your customer journey. This will interest you, and you can see what the average visit duration is in your car park. Or how many vehicles paid for a certain time? The possibilities are endless, and the data is priceless. When used correctly, it will boost your business sales.

Increase your business sales

What’s the average spend of your customer who drives to your business? What’s the average stay of this customer? Let’s assume, A supermarket has most of its customers (who drive) spend £80 within 2 hours. This means the hourly spend is £40/hour. If all parking spaces are full, and a customer is not able to find parking, the business is losing £40 per hour as a result. Your car park is a commodity; the better you value it, the faster you will see your sales grow.

A Cost-effective Solution

A parking ticket machine is a cost-effective option that is durable and secure and offers a user-friendly interface, ensuring that the instructions can be understood easily. Therefore, if you want to set up a car park in the UK, a parking ticket system would be the best option.

We understand that with an increasing number of vehicles at a fast rate, the need for effective car park management is going to continue to grow, which further increases the demand for efficient parking ticket machines. We at Euro Parking Services provide effective and reliable parking ticket machines that guarantee a sustainable income from your parking space and also provide easy accessibility to your customers, creating a win-win scenario for everyone involved.

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