ANPR System Transform Your Car Park

Your car park is the first point where your customer’s experience begins. They’re an immediate judgement, and a negative one is not easy to undo. To provide your customers with a positive and safe parking experience and to ensure your car park runs seamlessly, the need for appropriate and regulated enforcement is crucial.

With proper enforcement, your genuine paying customers can park freely without unauthorized vehicles hampering them to do so. There are various ways to enforce this, but the most recent and effective technology is; Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system. ANPR parking management is one of the most efficacious car park management systems that acts as a solid deterrent to unauthorized parking. It is a highly advanced security system capable of reading vehicle number plates without any human intervention.

There are myriad ways ANPR technology is used in car parks. In this blog, we’ll go into how ANPR technology works and its key benefits when it comes to enhancing car park management.


How Does ANPR System Work?

We place ANPR cameras at your car park’s entrance and exit points. These cameras capture details of a vehicle upon entering and leaving your parking facility. ANPR cameras read the number plate or vehicle registration number (VRN). The built-in recognition system will then identify the authorized vehicles. If any unauthorized vehicle is found, the motorist will automatically be issued a Parking Charge Notice (PCN), ensuring seamless management of your car park.


How Can ANPR System Benefit Your Business?

There are numerous applications ANPR system can be used for, including car park security, car theft prevention, ‘lost ticket’ fraud and many more. Using this technology in your car park management can help you provide your customers with a secure and efficient service, thus enhancing the reputation of your business. ANPR service can benefit your business in the following ways:


a) 24-hour monitoring

ANPR cameras keep an eye on your car park 24/7, recording footage of everyone entering and leaving your premises. This makes the technology highly helpful in determining which users are legitimate and, if appropriate, whether they’ve paid. This serves as a hindrance to any loss in revenue generation and improves your car park’s safety.


b) Useful in investigation

ANPR technology is beneficial in criminal cases, providing valuable evidence and information that can be used later in an investigation if needed. The data gathered by the ANPR system can be used as a source of information in crime and incident data, providing help to identify where and when the vehicle that’s suspected has travelled.


c) Space to park

A negative parking experience can put your customers in a mood that makes them unlikely to revisit your car park. This can be detrimental to the perception of your brand and your revenue generation. ANPR car parking system is proven to drive down abuse and make finding somewhere to park easier, thus putting your customers in a calmer state and ensuring repeat visits.


d) Payment Options

ANPR technology helps businesses know about the most prevalent payment options and busiest hours. This is all essential data that can help you with information about the performance of your car park, allowing you to spot new trends and identify shifting patterns that might be crucial for your car park’s performance. For example, by providing your customers with different payment methods, you can make payment procedures convenient for customers, improving customer satisfaction and ensuring your business’s continued success.


e) Reduced stress

Automatic Number Plate Recognition System technology provides indubitable proof to support your argument when you make a case against an unauthorized user or when fielding an unjust complaint from another customer. With this evidential assistance, ANPR System can reduce the time and money spent in tackling these formerly difficult cases.


f) Future trends

The data gathered by ANPR cameras can help you with emerging trends. For example, by 2030, all new cars in the UK will have to be electric. Many manufacturers are committing to manufacturing more electric rather than petrol cars before that date. This means there should be a steady rise in electric vehicles in car parks across the country and that you need to consider your EV charging infrastructure.

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At Euro Parking Services, we work closely with you to create an entirely bespoke ANPR management system that meets your car park requirements and allows your car park to function independently while leaving you to deal with other important issues. We will take care of every aspect, from implementing ANPR car parking management solutions to identifying where losses are being made. To know more about our services, get in touch with us at 0845 121 0065. We will be pleased to work with you.

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