ANPR Car Park Barrier System Benefit

With the increasing number of vehicles on the roads, there has been an earnest need for parking solutions that can provide complete control and security of the vehicles at every parking facility. Car park barriers are often the first thing that comes to mind when considering an efficient parking solution for the parking space. An effective car park barrier system is vital to car park management as it can help you deter parking abuse and boost your car park security.

However, traditional car park barriers are an obsolete way of managing car parks and enforcing parking regulations. Incorporating ANPR technology combined with parking barriers can help you secure your site and provide you with access to powerful automation and other advantages which can benefit your site and business in the long term. By adding an ANPR system to your existing installation, you can increase the lifespan of your barriers. With ANPR Car Park Barrier System, you can ensure your users enter and exit your car park safely and efficiently.

This way, you can control the parking space and generate handsome revenue. This car park barrier system will secure every valuable spot available on your site and ensure that no spot is inappropriately used. You can manage queues in your car park and minimize the impact on users when faulty barriers occur, allowing you to maximize your parking spaces and keep your visitors happy – creating an all-around seamless experience.


How does ANPR Car Park Barrier System work?

ANPR barrier systems are a great way of controlling access to a location, giving you complete control over your parking space. Coming to the working of ANPR car park barriers, ANPR cameras capture registration numbers of all vehicles entering and exiting your premises. This data collected by the Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems let the database know the necessary details i.e. the time the vehicle entered and attempted exit, whether they are granted entry or exit, and their timestamps.


To make it easy to understand, the steps are as follows:

  1. Automatic car park barriers are installed.
  2. Pre-authorized vehicles are programmed in (if applicable).
  3. Vehicles are scanned when they approach the barrier via a camera.
  4. The collected data is stored on the vehicle, and if entry is permitted, the barrier lifts.
  5. Upon exit, if the vehicle has met all the requirements, such as payments, the barrier will automatically open to let the vehicle exit the car park.

Thus, Automatic Car park barriers significantly reduce unauthorized parking through a clear visual deterrent whilst preserving 24/7 operational capacity. They are well suited for units where access to a car park is carefully monitored and controlled.


Benefits of ANPR Car Park Barrier System

1.)  Reduced Staff Costs

You will need less staff to look after your car park from a business perspective. Having entry and exits monitored and controlled by a barrier ensures that no one can harm your parking space. It allows your team to do other jobs or patrol without worrying about unauthorized vehicles.

2.)  No Human Error

Eliminating most human intervention minimizes the chances of human error in the system. This could come in many forms, but most ways are removed with an ANPR system. This gives you a sense of security and ensures your car park is effectively used.

3.)  24/7 Number Plate Scanning

Regardless of the size of your car park, having the system ‘awake’ around the clock has a huge benefit over having security staff working all day and night. Locations such as hospitals with vehicles arriving at all times of day benefit from this a lot.

4.Systematic usage of your parking space

As the entry and exit points are restricted because of the ANPR car park barrier system, your visitors can park their car systematically so that no space is wasted. These spots are used in a well-organized manner that every vehicle and parking spot is valued. Therefore, in the long run, they make you realize that each parking spot available in your car park is worthy and will be used efficiently. It is one of the important benefits of ANPR.

5.)  Enhanced customer experience

ANPR car park barriers enable you to control the vehicles going in and out. This helps you ease the flow of traffic and reduce congestion. Hence, you can provide your customers with a smooth parking experience, boosting your business growth and revenue with this system.


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