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An Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system can automatically detect & recognise the number plates of vehicles to keep their details saved. It can help you know which car entered or left your car park at what time, enabling you to determine the period for which a vehicle was parked in a car park. Automatic Number Plate Recognition with an integrated CCTV camera system is a popular choice for many private car parks. The camera is usually placed at the entrance/exit of the car park. It records the number plate and saves the data with other relevant information. This data can be used in numerous ways to improve the efficiency of a parking garage & experience of parkers.

Benefits of ANPR System

Faster Traffic Management

An ANPR system eliminates the root cause of traffic congestion in a parking lot by automating the process of filling in vehicle details.

Crime Prevention

The ANPR software recognises unauthorised vehicles and lets the car park owners know that someone is trying to invade their parking lot.Β 

Evidence Collection

ANPR cameras can capture images of vehicles violating the parking rules in your car park and help you collect valid evidence.

Effective Law Enforcement

You can have effective law enforcement in your car park with the help of an ANPR system, as it stays active 24/7.

Real-Time Tracking

An ANPR system can get you accurate details of vehicles entering and exiting your parking lot, along with the parking duration.

Access Control Automation

ANPR software can be integrated with a barrier system to make car parks even more secure and prevent unauthorised vehicles from entering.

ANPR Parking Solutions

ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras are very hi-tech. The system will take an image of every vehicle entering/exiting the car park. The ANPR system will recognise the vehicle registration and save the data, and it will identify if any vehicles have breached the parking rules set out. If an offending vehicle is identified, the DVLA will be contacted to request the registered keeper’s details and send the ANPR Parking Charge Notice (PCN) in the post.

We carry out a site evaluation and install car park signs and cameras at the entrance and exit of your car park, to ensure high-quality image recordings of all vehicles entering and exiting your premises. Our cameras are connected to the control office via fibre-optic internet. All images are processed there, and any unauthorised vehicles are picked up by our software. We may then post the registered keeper of the offending vehicle with a parking charge notice (PCN), after requesting information from the DVLA.

What to Expect from an ANPR Parking System

Accurate software that picks up unauthorised vehicles

Cameras connected to our control office in real-time

Added security for your car park

High-quality images (day and night)

Integration with your existing car parking system

Remarkable Accuracy

Clients Testimonials

β€œEuro Parking Services offers an outstanding ANPR service that helps you monitor the activities of vehicles entering and exiting your premises. Their ANPR service helped us in reducing unauthorised parking and making our car park exclusive for our customers. We highly recommend this service as it improves your customer satisfaction and makes car park management much easier.”

John Brown


β€œEuro Parking Services offers advanced ANPR service to keep your car park running securely 24/7. They offer unique solutions that are completely tailored to meet your business requirements. Their ANPR systems are completely versatile and act as a deterrent to parking abuse, which further helps you provide your customers with a hassle-free parking experience..”

William Smith


β€œOur car park was suffering from severe parking abuse. After implementing the ANPR parking management system, we’ve seen a massive reduction of unauthorised parkers within the first month of operation. Euro Parking Services helped us in restricting unauthorised users and offering better services to our genuine customers.”

Mia Johnson


β€œWe were dealing with unauthorised parking issues. Motorists were using our car park as a Park and Ride service. Euro Parking Services helped us with their ANPR parking enforcement service. After using their ANPR service, we have seen a drop in unauthorised users. Their experienced specialists provided us with effective solutions that helped us fix all the parking issues.”

Olivia Henry