ANPR and CCTV Control

“Our ANPR/Camera controlled management system allows your car park to be monitored, managed and enforced 24/7”

An ANPR is an Automatic Number Plate Recognition system. The camera placed usually facing the entrance/exit of the car park. It records the number plate and saves the data with other relevant information. This data can be used in numerous methods to provide the best solution for your car park.

ANPR solutions are used at car parks where there is a high volume of vehicles using the parking premises. It’s also effective at service yards, to only allow whitelisted vehicles to use the service yard.

ANPRs can be altered to meet you car park requirements. It can also be integrated with your systems. Here are a few solutions ANPR can efficiently and effectively provide:

Pay on Foot
Provide a ticketless payment option to motorists. Their vehicle registration details are recorded at the entry. When the motorist chooses to leave, he/she enters their registration number on the machine to pay.

Maximum Stay
Vehicle registration details and the time is recorded when the vehicle enters the car park. The same is done when it exits. If the difference in the time exceeds the maximum stay of the car park, then, we got someone misusing your car park and will take the relevant enforcement action.

Authorised Vehicles Only
The ANPR system will recognise authorised vehicles that enter your premises. Any vehicle, which isn’t on the whitelist will then have enforcement action took against the driver.

Customer Parking Only
If you car park is for your customers only, then this is the best option for you. Every car is logged at the entrance using the ANPR camera. There will be a iPad at your kiosk which will allow motorists to key in their vehicle registration details. Any vehicle that didn’t visit your store would have entered their registration numbers, and will therefore be liable to a parking charge.

Access Control
Barriers, gates or other access control solutions can be controlled using the ANPR camera. If you car approaches the entrance, the camera will read your number plate and allow you access. Any unauthorised vehicles will not be allowed to pass.

Traffic/Parking Management
You may want to direct vehicle to a certain location. Or help traffic flow better on your car park. The ANPR will help you achieve smoothly and quickly.

We will carry out a site evaluation and install our cameras at the entrance and exit of the car park, to ensure the recording of high quality images of all vehicles entering and exiting the premises.

Our cameras are connected to our control office by fiber optic Internet. All images are processed there and any unauthorized vehicles will get picked up with our software. We may then post the registered keeper with a parking charge notice after we have requested information from the DVLA.

   ANPR/Camera controlled management system provides:
   High quality images (day and night)
   Cameras connected to out control office in real time
   Accurate software picks up unauthorized vehicles
   Added security to your property/premises

ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras are very hi-tech. The camera will take an image of every vehicle entering/exiting the car park. The system will recognize the vehicle registration and save the data. The system will identify if any vehicles have breached the parking rules set out. If a vehicle has been identified we will contact the DVLA to request for the registered keepers details and send the Parking Charge in the post.

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