4 Must-Have Parking Solutions for Car Parks

Owing a car park can be exciting, but when it comes down to managing it, the perspective of an individual may change utterly. From tracking all the motorists who visit your parking space to ensuring no one abuses your car park, everything requires extra effort and relevant experience. Having skilled professionals on your side can make managing car parks a piece of cake, but reaching out to a reliable expert isn’t easy. Therefore, you should also keep yourself updated on the latest parking technology and ways to make parking spaces more efficient. In this piece of writing, we will learn what pay-on-foot parking is and how it can be beneficial to humankind. So, without further delay, let’s cut to the chase!


What is Pay-on-Foot Parking?

A Pay on Foot parking system is basically a parking arrangement requiring payment before reaching the exit. Visitors pay at a machine when they enter a parking lot rather than pay for each hour of stay. The majority of these systems utilise a barcoded ticketed method, in which, upon entering, a ticket is given to motorists, which will need to be used in combination with a payment card to exit these facilities. It has been observed that a parking facility without a streamlined payment solution loses its money as many motorists are able to leave the parking lot without making a payment. Having a pay-on-foot parking system can prove to be a game-changing step. So, if you are a parking lot owner who wants to generate more revenue from your car park, you can consider integrating a pay-on-foot system into your car park. However, if you are still not sure whether you should proceed with this idea or not, keep reading this write-up.

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Why Go for a Pay-on-Foot Parking System

Here are some significant reasons why any car park owner should opt for a pay-on-foot parking system:


  • More Revenue

Revenues can be increased with the right parking payment solution, such as pay-on-foot parking, pay & display, and more. These innovative parking solutions are great for almost all industries; however, if we specifically talk about a pay-on-foot parking system, it is excellent for retailers, as they ensure customers pay for their stay before they leave. They are less likely to experience problems such as issuing parking tickets or even theft.

Pay-on-foot systems can also be used at events, concerts, and shows in order to charge patrons for parking their vehicles in nearby parking spaces. These events tend to see a large number of attendees all trying to park at the same time. Therefore it is easier for everyone to have where they will be charging them individually. A pay-on-foot parking system can use customisable tariffs that the parking space owners can set.


  • Improved Customer Experience

One of the best things about pay-on-foot parking is that it provides customers with an extremely smooth and comfortable parking experience. The Pay on Foot payment option for a parking facility allows customers to have the freedom of knowing that they can come and go as they please, even if their stay in the parking lot will be longer than expected. With this option, they don’t have to worry about being charged if they are still out at dinner or if they need a little more time after shopping to pick up souvenirs or gifts. As an added benefit, customers who come back early can avoid having any extra charges tacked on because there is no way for them to know how long they will remain in the location.


  • Economical

The use of a Pay on Foot system is beneficial to large companies operating car park spaces as it prevents employees from abusing their parking privileges. By working with ANPR technology, car park owners can monitor and evaluate cars entering and leaving the area without hindering other customers or complicating the payment method for others. It also helps cut costs since there is no need to hire people to oversee the process and issue fines when tickets aren’t paid efficiently.


  • Time-Efficient

There might be some times when you’re unsure if a parking space is available, but using a pay-on-foot parking system may let you see a much more comprehensive picture of availability in a given parking lot. The perfect way last-minute shoppers can avoid the stress of driving around trying to find spots is by logging onto the internet and finding the best way to get back and forth to the grocery store by setting their spot accordingly before heading out. This can be done by checking prices on different services as well as knowing which ones might include additional perks like allowing them access to facilities like shops or restaurants when they park there so that they don’t have to waste time leaving their car and going elsewhere once they’ve finished up at the grocery store.


Downsides of Pay-on-Foot Parking

For the most part, a pay-on-foot parking system is excellent, but you can do a few things to take the stress and worry out of such a system. For example, motorists forget to pay sometimes. People prefer it when they can just walk out of place without having to think about how they should pay to stay. A way to resolve this issue is by erecting clear and visible signs in your car park that communicate what customers need to do before exiting; either go back into the building or visit the ticket machine using a pay-on-foot system. Even if one customer does miss the signs and bypasses paying for parking, they will eventually figure out that there’s no way their vehicle will exit unless the payment has been made for their stay. So, ultimately, there is no serious downside to pay-on-foot parking systems.


Final Words

Pay on Foot parking systems are an excellent option for your business, which is why they bring impressive benefits. First, you’ll be able to offer your customers a more convenient and well-controlled experience that can potentially increase your revenue. In addition, you won’t have to worry about negative consequences, such as tickets or payment delays, as all of the information lies in a central system, which can easily be traced. The beauty of it all is there’s no need for expensive equipment. These expenses are almost nullified by the many advantages a Pay on Foot parking system will bring to your business.

However, if you want to know more, you can contact us. We at Euro Parking Services are a team of dedicated professionals with over 15 years of experience in providing effective car park management solutions. We can make your parking space more organised, efficient, and streamlined. 

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