Access Control System for Car Parks

In this era of escalating demand for parking spaces, security has become a paramount requirement in car parks. To address this pressing need, we present the finest security solutions tailored specifically for car parks, enabling businesses to safeguard their parking facilities and ensure the safety of individuals in their vicinity. Our comprehensive lineup of car park security equipment encompasses an extensive assortment of offerings, such as:

  • Bollards
  • Barriers
  • Gates
  • Shutters

Significance of an Access Control System in Car Parks

The inclusion of an access control system in car parks holds significant importance. Implementing a barrier system eliminates the potential of unauthorised parkers gaining entry to the parking premises. This not only prevents the unnecessary utilisation of parking spaces but also ensures that only authorised individuals, such as partners or customers, are granted access. Consequently, the overall parking experience for customers is enhanced, promoting satisfaction and convenience among potential buyers. Integrating a barrier system plays a pivotal role in augmenting the security and efficiency of the car park.

Nevertheless, it is indispensable to recognise that different barrier systems offer distinct advantages. Hence, making an informed decision when selecting an access control system becomes paramount. Let’s explore various access control systems and their operational mechanisms.


Bollards are compact posts that serve multiple purposes, ranging from establishing protective perimeters to enhancing the aesthetics of an area. When used for visual guidance, bollards effectively direct traffic and delineate boundaries. They come in a wide variety of shapes and styles, serving as architectural features that contribute to the overall appearance of car parks or visually distinguish their surroundings. In addition to their visual appeal, bollards can be strategically designed to deter unauthorised vehicle access physically, thereby ensuring individuals’ safety and protecting parking areas.


Barriers play a pivotal role in car parks by providing physical structures that effectively control the access and movement of vehicles within the parking premises. Acting as gatekeepers, these barriers ensure controlled entry, exit, and traffic flow, contributing to the smooth and organised operation of the parking facility. Car parks typically incorporate different types of barriers to fulfilling specific functions:

Boom Barriers: These versatile horizontal bars or arms can be electronically operated to allow or restrict vehicle access. Integrated with ticketing systems, access cards, or remote controls, boom barriers provide a convenient and secure method of controlling entry and exit points.

Sliding Gates: With their horizontal sliding motion, sliding gates serve as solid panels that open or close the car park entrance or exit. Motorised and adaptable to various access control methods, these gates provide a reliable solution for managing vehicle flow in car parks.

Swing Gates: Hinged at one side, swing gates function like doors, swinging open or closed to regulate the movement of vehicles. Commonly implemented at entry and exit points of a car park, swing gates offer an effective means of controlling traffic.

Height Restriction Barriers: Specifically designed to limit access to vehicles above a certain height, height restriction barriers are essential in car parks with low clearance areas, such as underground or multi-level facilities.

By enhancing security measures, preventing unauthorised access, regulating traffic, and ensuring seamless operations, parking barriers contribute to an efficient and well-organised car park environment.


Shutters are widely utilised in car parks to effectively secure entrances, exits, windows, and service areas. These robust metal structures, typically constructed from durable materials like steel or aluminium, offer an added layer of security. Shutters play a crucial role in maintaining a secure environment by deterring unauthorised access, preventing break-ins, and safeguarding valuable equipment and facilities within the car park. They can be operated manually or motorised, catering to specific requirements.

Common applications of parking shutters include:

  • Securing main entrances and exits of the car park building.
  • Protecting windows in parking spaces or control rooms.
  • Securing service areas or loading docks.
  • Providing additional security for parking payment terminals.

With their sturdy construction and potential integration of security features, such as advanced locking systems, parking shutters contribute to the overall safety and protection of both car park operators and users. Don’t hesitate to contact EPS today to acquire top-quality shutters for your car park at the most competitive prices. We are the leading car park management service provider.